New Year’s Resolutions & Cats

January 3, 2024

Discussing How Your New Year’s Resolutions Can Help Your Cat Live A Healthier, Happier, And Longer Life

As we begin the new year of 2024, many people are beginning their new year’s resolutions. In many ways, the new year is a fresh start to a healthier and more productive life. However, many people forget that their cats can also have new year’s resolutions too!

While you are fulfilling your own new year’s resolutions, we encourage you to fulfill resolutions for your cats too. Obviously, it’s up to the cat owner to implement these pet resolutions. But, that doesn’t make them any less significant. This article will discuss some great new year’s resolution ideas for your cats so they can live a healthier and happier life in 2024.

New Year’s Resolution Defined

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a new year’s resolution as a promise that a person makes to themself for the purpose of positive change and/or self improvement. This typically involves a person changing an undesired behavior, accomplishing a personal goal(s), continuing a good practice, or otherwise improving their overall behavior.

Resolutions For Your Cat

While we make our new year’s resolutions, it’s important to make some for our cats too! Here are just a few examples of new year’s resolutions for cats. But, remember that cats can’t meet these goals by themselves. Most of this responsibility falls on the cat owner. However, this can be a good thing as it reminds cat owners to meet their own goals too!

Maintaining A Healthier Diet

One of the best ways to kick off the new year is with a new diet! This especially applies to your cats. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 61% of cats in the U.S. are overweight or have obesity. This is an alarmingly high statistic and it reflects just how serious cat obesity is in America. 

A cat eating
A cat eating

As a result, we recommend putting your cat on a healthier diet for 2024. Try and cut back on the treats and always avoid giving your cat table scraps. If your cat is overweight and/or obese, consult with your veterinarian about creating a healthier diet for your feline friend. There are some great cat food brands out there that specialize in weight control such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition and Instinct

For a more in-depth look into cat food nutrition & diet, click here

Getting Daily Exercise

Contrary to popular belief, cats need exercise on a daily basis in order to stay happy and healthy. One of the best ways to provide them with exercise is through playtime. That’s why we recommend spending at least 15 to 30 minutes a day playing with your cat. Try utilizing different toys and/or play areas that peak your cat’s interest. The more running, chasing, and attacking, the better. 

For some fun & interesting cat toy ideas, click here

More Engagement & Stimulation

Aside from physical exercise, cats also need daily mental stimulation. Mental stimulation is important for keeping their mind sharp and avoiding mental problems like boredom and/or depression. 

A cat playing with an interactive toy
A cat playing with an interactive toy

Similar to exercise, the best way to mentally stimulate your cat is through playtime. Try using some more engaging and interactive toys to help keep them overall more stimulated. For a comprehensive list of interactive cat toys, click here. You can also try providing them a change of scenery with some cat towers or D.I.Y. cardboard cat houses. For some D.I.Y. cardboard cat house ideas, click here

Why New Year’s Resolutions Are Important 

While many people scoff at the idea of new year’s resolutions, we believe they are very important. Mostly because they inspire positive change in ourselves and in those around us. Typically speaking, making positive changes in one’s life can initially be difficult. The first step is almost always the hardest. 

However, once you begin making positive changes, it’s much easier to keep them going. New year’s resolutions help us make that difficult first step toward improving ourselves and our overall behavior. They are the gentle push in the right direction that most of us often need. 

A professional pet sitter and cat
A professional pet sitter and cat

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We proudly serve the following North Carolina towns and zip codes: Apex, NC (27502, 27523, 27539), Cary, NC (27511, 27513, 27518, 27519) and Morrisville, NC (27560).

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