Moving with Cats Isn’t Always Easy

January 29, 2024

Moving with cats isn’t always easy! If you’re planning to move, especially from a home you’ve been in for many years, you’re going to face challenges. This is especially true when you have feline family members that may have never known anything other than your current home. This blog is about tips on how to make your move without having a cat catastrophe.

Understand Their Attachment

According to the Animal Health Foundation, cats form attachments to their people, which means you will be your animal’s source of comfort throughout your journey. Be prepared for your cat to act out, whether that’s scratching at furniture (which is a form of marking their territory) or becoming a lap cat when you’re at your busiest.

black cat on keyboard
Prepare Ahead of Time

If your move has you settling into the Apex area, make sure that you have a cat sitter on speed dial before you move.  Having this relationship established earlier can make it easier for you to schedule an introductory visit. Cool Cats Professional Cat Sitting is a group of local, licensed, and bonded cat lovers that can become your feline’s new friend for as little as $20 per visit.

Help Your Cat Get Accustomed to Its Carrier

 There’s a good chance that the only time your cats ever have been in the carrier is for trips to and from the vet. These are probably yearly visits, which means that your cat is not used to their carrier, but you have to transport your pet safely, especially across state lines. A good first step is to leave their carrier open close to their favorite spot in the house so that they can explore at their convenience.

Look For Pet-Friendly Accommodations

If you’re planning to rent, begin your home search well ahead of time. It’s often more difficult to find a pet-friendly rental than it is to find a new address when you don’t have pets. Look for an online real estate listing tool that allows you to filter your search results based on your needs, which might include location, costs, and home type. If you’re moving from far away, you should have no trouble finding listings with virtual tours.

Check Your Stress Levels

Your pets are already going to be stressed out, and you likely will be, too. But you have to keep your stress levels in check, especially if you have a kitty that’s already overly anxious. Remember, stress at work, home, and even within your relationship can give your furry friend a short fuse and cause them to misbehave or act aggressively. Make a point to realize when you are feeling anxious, especially if you’ve had a long day at work. The last thing your pet needs is to be away from you all day only for you to return home, reeking of stress.

white cat looking anixous
white cat looking anxious
A New Routine

Cats love a regular routine. If your move has changed your entire life, such as for a job or to move in with a spouse or partner, it’s crucial that you establish a new routine as soon as possible. Make sure that your cat has regular feeding and play times and that their litter box is always clean – keep in mind that a clean litter box is crucial to their overall health, according to Pet Health Network. Remember, keeping to a routine can help your cat feel more secure, and it will make it easier for you all to adjust to your new home more quickly.

If your home is one of the 45 million+ in the US that has a feline in the family, you already know the love, devotion, and joy they bring to your life. But their disposition can change quickly, especially during the move. To make things easier on yourself and your pets, check your stress levels, find a rental that accepts animals, and make a point to partner with the right care provider. These steps, plus the other tips listed above, can help you make your move a much more pleasant experience for your entire family.

If you’re looking to establish service with Cool Cats Professional Cat Sitting, give us a quick call at 919.335-3157 or visit us online to begin your journey as our new favorite client.


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