Cool Cat of the Month – September: Frankie The Fabulous! 

September 1, 2022

Introducing Frankie!

This laid-back cool cat’s name is Frankie. When Frankie was just a kitten, he was found homeless by a veterinarian. A family adopted him and 2 years later he was hit by a car fracturing his back legs and his pelvis area. 

His adopted pet parents took him back to the veterinarian and essentially asked for poor Frankie to be sent over the rainbow bridge. This saddened them of course but they could not envision a great life for Frankie. 

Rather than do that, this very kind veterinarian rehabbed Frankie and eventually gave Frankie to another family who unfortunately let him outside unsupervised. He was then attacked by a dog. 

His injuries were also extensive around the neck and legs. Those owners too suggested that Frankie be put down. Knowing Frankie, the way that the veterinarian did, he did not want to do that and allowed Frankie to be the veterinarian’s office cat for a couple of years. 

If it weren’t for bad luck, poor Frankie would have no luck at all and unfortunately, tragedy struck again, and Frankie had chewed through some sort of tubing or wiring at the vet clinic which in turn lost him his happy existence as the office cat and the veterinarian was forced to again put out feelers for a new home for Frankie. 

A New Home

Then along came Catherine Jarboe, who saw Frankie on Facebook. Catherine and her husband had recently lost their cat Cappuccino to old age, so it seemed like the perfect match! 

Armed with the knowledge that Frankie likes to chew anything with strings, wires, tubing, and such they took Frankie home to his forever home! Frankie still likes to be the office cat and sits on Catherine’s computer keyboard or as close as he can get to Catherine while she works from her home office.

He is so happy and appreciative of his new saviors that when they leave him, he now has separation anxiety and will get so upset that he can’t keep his food down. Separation anxiety in cats is a very real thing and we are working with Catherine to help Frankie through his separation anxiety. 

Frankie Today

He now gets a small portion of Gabapentin each day when Catherine and her husband are gone for any length of time, to calm his nerves that his very loved family will come back. In the meantime, as his cat sitters, we give him lots of love, attention, plenty of playtime, and cuddles and pets while his pet parents are gone.  

Frankie’s life is now calm, controlled and very enjoyable. Although he might have used up quite a few lives by now he has several of his nine lives left obviously as he has a routine that he just loves! 

Daily, Frankie enjoys early mornings with Catherine and occasionally joins her for work zoom calls just to make things interesting. Understandably, he is very food motivated and has the personality of a cool champ! 

All in all, we are guessing that Frankie has used up 2 or 3 of his 9 lives and will hopefully live the rest of his lives in his forever home with people who obviously adore him as much as we do! Frankie is but one of the many adorable cats we look after here at CoolCatsCatSitting. Be sure to check out our cat gallery to see more adorable cat pictures like these.

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