Cat Owners That Travel For Business

February 15, 2023

Discussing What Options Are Available To Cat Owners That Do A Lot Of Traveling For Business And Work

In an ideal world, cat owners would spend all day at home bonding with their furry feline friend. However, we all have to work in order to provide for ourselves, our family, and our furry friends. So how can cat owners care for their cats while traveling for business? Cool Cats Professional Cat Sitting has you covered. This article will discuss the best ways cat owners can care for their pets even when they’re not home.

Pet Water Fountains

One of the most innovative forms of pet technology on the market today is the pet water fountain. As the name suggests, a pet water fountain is a medium-sized fountain that constantly produces and cycles water. The water runs through a filter and a series of tubes before being shot upwards for your cat to drink. Check out for more information about pet water fountains. 


You simply fill it with water, plug it in, and let the magic happen. They typically hold anywhere from 1 to 6 liters of water. The water is constantly flowing which will prevent mold and bacteria from building up as fast as a stagnant bowl of water. This is an ideal product for people who are not home regularly as it can provide fresh water for several days.


This device does need to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to function properly. If the power goes out, your cat will be without water as the water reservoir is usually located on the bottom. Additionally, not all cats will respond well to water fountains and may even try to play with or break the top part itself. 

Automatic Pet Feeders & Gravity Feeders


Similar to the pet water fountains, automatic pet feeders are devices that can provide your pets with food when you’re not home. The concept is simple. You put food into the device, set it to open at a certain time, and the feeder opens when that time comes. There are also gravity feeders which are perfect for cats as they usually graze or free-feed. The bowl is connected to a plastic container where you pour in the food. As the bowl is emptied, gravity will pull the extra food from the container down into the bowl. 


Both automatic feeders and gravity feeders are great products for people who work long hours and aren’t home at regular times to feed their cats. Gravity feeders provide consistent dry food so your cats will never go hungry. For more information about the best automatic cat feeders, check out the website.  



Gravity feeders only work with dry food. This can be problematic if your cat is a picky eater and doesn’t always eat their dry food. Automatic feeders can store wet food, but eventually the food inside will turn rancid. Cats have also been known to break these feeders open long before the timer goes off. 

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

It’s crazy to believe, but it’s true. There are litter boxes that can clean themselves! For sanitary purposes, a typical litter box should be cleaned daily. But self cleaning litter boxes do the messy work for you. While the specifics vary from make and model, the process is the same. A waste component sifts, rakes, and collects cat waste then puts it into a separate air-tight compartment. 


These are exceptionally convenient devices. They minimize the amount of effort you have to put into cleaning up cat waste. They also self clean regularly so your cat will always have a clean place to pee or poop. To check out some of the highest reviewed self cleaning litter boxes, go to


These litter boxes can be intimidating to your cat. While cleaning, they are usually loud and have several moving parts. As a result, some cats may be uncomfortable or afraid to use these self cleaning litter boxes.

Hire A Pet Sitter

Ultimately the best way to care for your cats while you’re traveling for business is to hire a professional pet sitter. All of the aforementioned products are very convenient and useful, but none of them can replace human interaction. A pet sitter will provide more than just food, water, and a clean litter box. A pet sitter will provide your cats with the love and attention they need and deserve. And nobody provides better quality care than Cool Cats Professional Cat Sitting. Become a client today by clicking here! 

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