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Benefits Of Adopting An Adult Or Senior Cat

Discussing Why Older Cats Make Great Pets When it comes to adopting a pet, most people think of puppies or kittens. While puppies and kittens are great, they’re not the only ones in need of a good home. In honor of National Adopt A Senior Pet Month, this article will discuss the many reasons why...

Travel Tips For Cats In A Car

Discussing The Best Ways To Travel With Your Feline Friend Cats are very independent creatures by nature and typically enjoy being in the comfort of their own home. Taking your cat out of their “comfort zone” can be challenging to you and stressful to them. But between veterinarian appointments and grooming sessions, traveling with your...

Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

Best Halloween Costumes for Cats Halloween is a fun time for all and we love dressing up our “fur babies.” Now, dogs usually are more accepting of playing dress up, but cats…….well you know how cats can get when trying to even put a collar on them. Some are cooperative and you can take them...

Black Cats – Myths, Legacies, and History

There is no better time to address the myths, legacies, and history of the black cats, then right now, with Halloween approaching. The black cat has always been a symbol of Halloween with an arched back and sparkling eyes. You see these pictures and yard signs everywhere plus on cards for Halloween celebration parties. But...

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