Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

October 25, 2022

Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

Halloween is a fun time for all and we love dressing up our “fur babies.” Now, dogs usually are more accepting of playing dress up, but cats…….well you know how cats can get when trying to even put a collar on them.

Some are cooperative and you can take them “trick or treating” with you as they are even leash trained, but for the most part, dressing cats up just for a Halloween party is probably the route most cat owners take.

Since most cats like very little touching their bodies, there are a few general rules that can work for almost any cat when choosing a Halloween costume. The lighter the costume, the easier to put on and the easier for the cat to move around with. Cats do not enjoy being hampered in any way. They were born to jump and climb after all!

Halloween Costumes Any Cat Can Wear

Keeping with the simple notion let’s start off there. While some cats will still balk at these it is much easier to use a minimalist approach.

pet bandanas

Scarfs—festive and easy

There are dozens of choices in a pretty Halloween scarf. Choose something lightweight and easy to tie around a the back of a cat’s head. Nothing with pulleys or loops should be chosen to avoid it getting caught on something and tightening on a cat’s throat.

Collars—a favorite for manCollar costumey cat owners

Any good pet store or online shop will have tons of beautiful slip-over-the-head collars. No choking hazards are apparent and they are loose enough for a cat to be comfortable. These can be themes related to a movie or character, or simply a great-looking Halloween color or even a saying.


More Adventurous Halloween Cat Costumes

Docile and older cats can wear capes, spider leg costumes, witch costumes, angel costumes, ballerina costumes, and even be dressed up as a dog. Some cats will even allow a wig or hat if it is not too heavy but this can be very unusual for that to happen.

Cat Collar Costume








The possibilities are endless if you are lucky to have a cat such as this but most cat owners do not. Never force a cat to wear something they balk against or leave it on them too long as they very seldom put up with much for a long time, no matter what the age.

Apex, NC Trick or Treating with Your Cat

Many areas in and around Apex, NC do have many Trick or Treat nights, so you can have fun many times over. Of course, if you do take your cat out, expect to carry them and perhaps even just opt to host indoor parties, or attend other parties.

Many shelters also as well as pet stores can have Trick or Treat nights for all animals, even hamsters, and treat boxes are provided. This is a way to enjoy the holiday without the stress of taking your cat door to door!

The shelters or stores around Apex can also have “best costume” awards, with prizes so there is a lot of fun to be had in Apex, NC around Halloween! Hosting your own parties such as this also contributes to the joy of including your cat in the festivities.

 cape cat costumes
Mix and Match Cat Halloween Costumes
Buying a few scarves, collars, and other more extreme costumes can be a bonus as your cat can wear different looks each time. Your kitty will get used to dressing up gradually this way and will also become used to the feel of different materials on them.

Going slowly with a cat is always the best way to introduce them to anything. Even if they dressed up the previous years, each year will feel “new” to them.

Enjoying Halloween by Using a Cat Sitter

Let’s face it, you do want to include your cat, as this is your baby. However, if you are invited to parties or want to spend many hours celebrating at someone’s home, dogs are more amenable to this than cats. I mean you cannot bring the litter box with you!

This is the time when you should schedule a cat sitter and simply go enjoy Halloween on your own. You can still dress your “puss face” up and the cat sitter will enjoy this too. So go and enjoy while your cat gets a needed break with someone who focuses only on THEM!

This is your cat’s idea of a really great Halloween! Cat sitters in the Apex area are indeed available and will bring “treats” when they come. Have your fun but allow your kitty or kitties to have theirs also.

cape cat costume

Summary—Best Halloween Costumes for Cats

On the whole, cats only want treats, play, and attention so although dressing them up is fine, caution is needed. They are different than dogs and might find more fun at home with you or a cat sitter in the Apex area than anywhere else.

Happy Spooky Halloween to You and Your Cats!



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