Being A Responsible Cat Owner

February 21, 2024

Discussing How To Be The Most Caring & Responsible Cat Owner Possible In Honor Of Responsible Pet Owners Month

One of the most rewarding experiences in life is that of being a cat owner. However, being a cat owner isn’t always easy and being a responsible cat owner can take a lot of effort and hard work. That’s why we made this article for first time cat owners. 

In honor of Responsible Pet Owners Month (February), this article will discuss everything you need to know before you adopt a cat. This includes things like foods, products, time management, veterinary info, and the average annual cost to care for a cat. These are all very important things to know and consider before you adopt a cat and not after. 

Promoting Responsible Cat Ownership

The month of February is widely celebrated among pet owners as Responsible Pet Owners Month. This month-long holiday aims to educate pet owners and would-be pet owners about the importance of responsible pet care. Anyone can buy or adopt a pet. But, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge or tools to give their pets the proper care and attention they need. 

Additionally, several organizations including the A.S.P.C.A. (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), the American Kennel Club, and the American Veterinary Medical Association support Responsible Pet Owners Month by providing free information and education about pet care. 

A cat and their owner
A cat and their owner

Before You Adopt A Cat

Adopting a cat is a wonderful and selfless act that is truly life-changing. But, being a cat owner is a privilege that should not be taken without serious consideration beforehand. Here are a few things to think about and ask yourself before adopting a cat. 

Making A Life-Long Commitment

When you adopt a cat, you are making a commitment to care for that cat for their entire life. Therefore, it’s important to consider the average lifespan of your new furry friend. According to VetWest, the average lifespan of a cat is 12-18 years. This will slightly vary depending on your cat’s breed, predispositions, and environment.

The average lifespan of your new cat is something you should strongly consider before adopting. Only adopt a cat if you are willing to commit to caring for them for their entire life.

The Cost

Before you consider adopting a cat, take a good look at your budget. It costs money to care for a cat. Pettable reports that the average annual cost to own a cat in the state of North Carolina is $1,625. This is only considering the basics like food, toys, vaccines, and veterinary bills.

Before adopting a cat, you need to be realistic about whether or not you can afford to care for them. Wanting a cat isn’t enough. You need to have the means to provide for them. Otherwise, you and your cat could find yourselves in a bad situation. Only adopt a cat if you know you can afford it in the long-term.

Budget illustration
Budget illustration

Time Management

It’s a common misconception that cats are low-maintenance pets. This is far from the truth. Cats need food and fresh water on a daily basis. But, they also need daily social interactions such as petting and playtime. In order for your cat to thrive, you should spend at least 30 to 60 minutes a day interacting with them. Only adopt a cat if you can realistically dedicate this kind of time to your new furry friend everyday.

Being Prepared

Before you bring home your new cat, it’s important that you already have all of their basic needs covered. This includes things like cat food, food & water bowls, a litter box (with scooper), a cat carrier (for traveling to vet appointments) and a bed or blanket for them to sleep on. 

By already having these things in your home beforehand, you are setting your cat up for success. This is greatly beneficial for both you & your new cat and will make the whole transition process much smoother and easier. 

A litter box
A litter box

Looking For A Cat Sitter?

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We proudly serve the following North Carolina towns and zip codes: Apex, NC (27502, 27523, 27539), Cary, NC (27511, 27513, 27518, 27519) and Morrisville, NC (27560).

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